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What is included?

  • 1 year club membership = 10 months training with academy coaches
  • 4+ training sessions per week on Grass, Turf or Indoor
  • Compete in the German official youth system
  • 1 full academic year at a German public school (international private school options available, additional fees apply)
  • Room and board in German Boarding school next to training facilities
  • Visa support
  • Player Progress Report after completion of the program
  • Official WARUBI Player Profile
  • WARUBI representation & development plan (College recruiting, pro careers, private & group sessions)


  • Learn a new language (German)
  • Platform/Opportunity to be seen by European scouts and clubs (The Academy produced 28+ pro players)
  • Compete with and against German academy players in the official German youth league system (with promotion and relegation opportunities)
  • Experience the passion for soccer! Soccer is the #1 Sport in Germany and Europe!
  • Complete an academic program in a new country
  • Full immersion in a new culture
  • Meet new friends and build a network for the future (for college, jobs, ...)
  • Create memories that will last forever
  • Once in a lifetime experience that will make you stand out

International Soccer Program is a talent identification and player development program bridging the US and Germany for dedicated youth players. Offering immersion in a high level German youth academy and exposure to top coaches and scouts, the model is unlike any other.

We're developing people, not just football (soccer) players. The ideal player is one with intelligence, exceptional technique, the ability to adapt to a new culture and language and above all, the character necessary to be successful in life.


  • The academy is looking to select 10 players for the 2022/23 season!

How to qualify:

  • Attend one of our ID Clinics
  • Get recommended from a trusted and qualified coach. Coach recommendations can be submitted to
    • Get scouted in showcase tournaments or league games by WARUBI staff. You can request a review by contacting us before
    • Get scouted at one of our Soccer Camps by WARUBI certified staff
    • NEW: Due to Corona, the academy is now accepting players scouted via video