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UEFA B – Germany 2021 Deposit


Course Fee 3,900 EUR.
Deposit 500 USD payable now (credited towards course fee if selected).

UEFA/DFB/TFV B pathway 2021
How to qualify:
1 – Deposit 500 USD (refundable*)
2 – Please ignore if already done! Qualification – Associate Degree (Online):
Complete the official TFV (member of the DFB) associate degree online – 495 USD (non refundable)
– Valid for 3 years (license & certificate)
– Selection tool for TFV UEFA B course (the higher your score the more likely that you’ll get selected)
Get started now >>

For selected coaches only:
3 – Submit Documents and receive final approval
4 – Pay 100% of course fee to confirm participation (non refundable)

*Note: if you do not get selected for a UEFA C or B course after the Qualification Phase you will get a full refund of your deposit (500 USD minus transfer fees if applicable)

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The Course Includes:

  • 14-16 days of instruction by DFB instructor in English Language (including Testing Period)
  • 14-16 nights in 2 Star Hotel (or similar), Full Room and Board (3 Meals per day), Double room (single available for additional fee)
  • Testing/Exam Period in English Language
  • Support with establishing all qualifications for the course
  • Support with Visa if needed (official invite letter by TFV if needed)
  • Teaching based on DFB Methodology
  • DFB Coaching instructor
  • First Aid Course (mandatory)
  • Training Sessions on Grass, Turf, or Indoor
  • Conference Rooms with modern technology for presentations
  • Still or sparkling water during training/practical sessions
  • Non-alcoholic drinks in conference rooms
  • Free WI-FI
  • Oral and Practical Exam conducted by DFB Instructor
  • TFV/DFB Certificate of Participation
  • Attend Bundesliga game if available (optional; +$250 for transportation and tickets)
  • Receipt of DFB/UEFA/TFV B-License after passing Exams successfully
  • Membership in a German Club


  • TFV Associate Degree (Online Course), Start here >>
  • Valid Background check (not older than 3 months)
  • Medical Clearance from Doctor to participate in Soccer (Doctor’s Note) – (not older than 3 months)
  • Pass qualification test upon arrival
  • Coaching Credentials/Resume
  • Proof of Membership in a German Club – (we will take care of that in Germany)