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Bundesliga & College ID – Long Island University Post, NY (LIU) – March 3rd, 2024


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March 3rd, 2024 (11am-2pm)



Long Island University Post
720 Northern Blvd., Brookville, NY 11548
United States



11am-12:15pm: Training Session (College and European Academy-like technical session)
12:15-1pm: Break with opportunity for Q&A with coaches and scouts
1-2pm: Game


What is this showcase about?

This ID showcase is for players primarily looking to play college soccer at top schools such as LIU or other NCAA D1 and D2 schools or those aiming to play in a Bundesliga Integrated Academy in Europe.

Unlike a college soccer-only ID Camp or Showcase, this unique event will lead to more opportunities for the players attending as European scouts and recruiters will be added.


What are the coaches looking for?

Coaches from Germany are looking to recruit up to 10 players who are a good fit for the squad. College coaches will be looking to recruit the best players possible as well.


Who will coach the sessions?

Bundesliga Talent Squad coaches, as well as LIU men’s soccer coaches, will be leading the sessions. More college coaches and European scouts will be observing the session.


Why is this event unique?

Not one, but multiple recruiting opportunities: It is a pathway for players interested in playing college soccer and/or those looking to play in a Bundesliga Integrated Academy in Europe. Players who might not get recruited to play top college soccer right away have the option to improve significantly in Europe and will have more options for future college or pro opportunities due to better video footage and networking.