WARUBI Sports is facilitating the official DFB-UEFA C License Course in cooperation with the Thuringia Fussball Verband. This UEFA C will be the first German UEFA coaching course ever partially taught in the USA!

The courses accept only 30 participants.

It is a unique opportunity to train in Germany and take the prestigious UEFA C License Course. The Football Coaching License is among the top coaching qualification in the world. It is well recognized and carries the same significance as the UEFA License.

Dates and Times

USA 11 days: December 9-20, 2019
Germany 4 days: January 14-17, 2020




The Course Includes:

  • 15 days (11 in USA, 4 in Germany) of instruction by DFB instructor in English Language (including Testing Period)
  • Room and board in Germany (not in the USA!)
  • Testing/ Exam Period in English Language
  • Support with establishing all qualifications for the course
  • Support with Visa if needed (official invite letter by TFV if needed)
  • Teaching based on DFB Methodology
  • DFB Coaching instructor
  • First Aid Course (mandatory)
  • Training Sessions on Grass, Turf or Indoor (Sessions will mainly take place on the perfectly manicured grass fields of the Soccer City)
  • Conference Rooms with modern technology for presentations
  • Still or sparkling water during training/practical sessions
  • Non-alcoholic drinks in conference rooms
  • Free WI-FI
  • Oral and Practical Exam conducted by DFB Instructor
  • DFB/TFV Certificate of Participation
  • Receipt of DFB UEFA C-License after passing Exams successfully
  • Attend Bundesliga game (optional; +$250 for transportation and tickets)


  • Valid Background check (not older than 3 months)
  • Medical Clearance from Doctor to participate in Soccer (Doctor’s Note) – (not older than 3 months)
  • Proof of Membership in a German Club – (the Soccer City will assist with that)

Coaching Staff

Andreas Seipel (Germany):

Born: June 13, 1977


UEFA A-License / Sporting Director

International football board SOCCER City

Construction International football boarding school SOCCER City

Development of the foundations for the establishment of an International Football Board - Conducting school and extracurricular project days on Global Learning

Tasks in the International Football Board SOCCER City

- Scouting & talent development
- Coaching education
- Organization and Head of Football Camps
- Organization and Leadership Supplementary Promotion Training
- Planning, conducting training sessions with the boarders
- Individual training boarder
- Video analysis with the boarding schools
- ViCo-Trainer

Former Coach FSV Wacker 90 Nordhausen and current Coach at DJK Struth

- 3rd place in the Regionalliga Nordost
- Track record: 50% wins, 26.7% draws, 23.3% losses

Attended Sports Elite School "Pierre de Coubertin" in Erfurt

Majors - Advanced Mathematics and Sports


How many coaches applications are accepted?

We can only accept 30 coaches per either B or C course.


Will my UEFA DFB C-License make me eligible to bypass U.S. Soccer license levels?

U.S. Soccer’s wavier policy grants experienced coaches an opportunity to bypass certain U.S. Soccer license levels and be integrated into an appropriate license course based on the level of credentials in relation to the following information.


“C” license: may attend a U.S. Soccer “C” license

“B” or above: may attend a U.S. Soccer “B” license


Note: This is not a guarantee that the US Soccer Federation will accept your UEFA C.


Will my UEFA DFB C-License make me eligible for the UEFA B-License?

Not necessarily. However, as a rule of thumb the UEFA DFB C-License + 1 year coaching experience will give you the ideal preparation for the UEFA B screening. Additional study materials designed exclusively for this UEFA  C participants will be sent prior to the UEFA B.


If I don’t get accepted to the course, will I receive my deposit back?

Yes. If for any reason you made a deposit and didn’t get admitted to the course your full amount will be refunded.

However, If you have been admitted to the course the deposits are non-refundable.

Should you get injured prior to the course and therefore not be able to participate, your funds will be applied for the next course and you will not lose the investment.


Are the courses open to coaches outside USA?

Yes, the courses are open to coaches from everywhere.


What happens if I am not able to take the exam in Germany?

No worries! You will be able to attend any exam period in Germany within the next 12 months as long as you completed all necessary courses (taught in part 1) in the USA.